ENTRYEntries close: 13 March 2022

Race Rules / E Bikes (Bottom of page).  

Read carefully: Non-compliance with any of the Race Rules may result in disqualification of the competitor from this event.

  • Approved cycle helmets (NZ safety standard) must be worn at all times.
  • NZ Road rules apply at all times to all persons, on all private or public roads during this event. There are no road closures.
  • Riders must not ride more than two abreast on State Highway 6 i.e. from the Dam to Mead Road turn off (transit road rule).
  • Riders must ride in single file if impending vehicle traffic behind you (transit road rule).
  • Competitors must keep as far left as possible at all times, on all roads and tracks to ensure sufficient and safe passing.
  • Competitors must not deviate from the obvious track or attempt to take shortcuts.
  • Competitors expecting to be riding in the hours of darkness must have front and rear facing lights.
  • Drafting is not permitted from E bikes.
  • Any competitor withdrawing from the race must inform a Race Marshal at the first possible opportunity after the decision to withdraw is made.
  • Competitors must know how to fix basic mechanical breakdowns (chain break and repair flat tyres).
  • Your race number plate must be attached to the front of your handle bars. You are not permitted to alter or cut the race number plate in any way.
  • Event Officials / Marshalls reserve the right to remove any competitor if they consider they are not capable of safely completing the event for any reason.
  • Non-registered riders will not be allowed on any part of the privately owned land.
  • Please do not leave any rubbish along the route. All food wrappers, drink bottles, tubes etc must be carried to the finish line and not discarded anywhere along the route except in  rubbish bags provided at the Start lines, all Aid Stations and Marshall stations.
  • Anyone seen discarding rubbish will be disqualified and will not receive a finisher medal or merit prize as applicable (take memories and or photos but leave only tyre marks).
  • All gates must be left as they are found.
  • No outside assistance is allowed by support crews to any competitor and no supporters will be allowed to follow riders on the course.
  • Competitors must read the pre- race course briefing notes supplied at registration.
  • Competitors must obey instructions from Marshals at all times. They are there for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.
  • For Epic riders you are not allowed to use a road bike or swap bikes after completing the tarseal section of this event.
  • You must finish on the bike you start on, unless you have had a major breakdown and use a hire bike from the tail end charlie vehicle.
  • For safety reasons we are obliged to enforce a cut off time. This will be at the exposed Dingle Burn Bluffs, approximately 90km mark for the Epic riders. If you do not pass this point by last light then you will be officially withdrawn from the event.
  • To receive a finishers time you must complete the entire course under you own steam with at least part of your bike.
  • To be eligible for prize money you must enter one of the Open Epic or Classic categories and place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in that category.
  • Entries are not transferable. No person is permitted to ride under another person’s name for any reason, at any stage.
  • We need to know who is on the course and what medical conditions you may have so we can deliver the appropriate response in the event of an accident.
  • Competitors are not to use non-prescription or illegal drugs 12hrs prior to or during the race.
  • Any competitor showing any signs of alcohol intoxication or drug influence will be withdrawn from the race immediately.
  • The race director has a non-appealable right to disqualify for breaches of the rules and credit time for those who help other competitors in crash or injury situations.
  • The race director can alter the course or cancel the event for safety reasons, poor weather conditions or other circumstances that may adversely effect the nature or spirit of the event. If such a decision is taken entry fees are non-refundable or transferable.


  • From 2021 a seperate E Bike division will be available in the Classic only. Times will be recorded but merit prizes will not be awarded due to the power differences from E Bike to E Bike.
  • E Bikes are not permitted in the Epic or Centurion at this stage. The Centurion involves a lot more tricky terrain, 4 more river crossing and harder logistics to recover bikes. The Epic is the Signature Event with prize money and course records at stake and drafting off E Bikes was observed in our trial last year.
  • E Bikers must carry their own equipment, including spare batteries in and out of the race like all other riders with all other equipment (stashing batteries on course etc in not allowed).
  • Non E bikers are not permitted to draft off E Bikes so please advise any rider trying to do so.
  • All other rules as above apply.