ENTRYEntries close: 12 March 2023

Cancellation / Refunds / Late Entries Policy

In case of event cancellation please listen to Radio Wanaka 92.2fm, check our Contact Epic Facebook page or the website home page.

There will be no refunds in the case of course alterations or a complete cancellation due to safety reasons from weather, rising river levels or other circumstances outside of the Race Directors control.

The alternate race day is the Sunday following the official race day. If the alternative day is used the same event timings will apply.

In the case of extreme weather an alternate course may be put in place at the Race Director’s discretion.
The Contact Epic is an invitation event and the Race Director reserves the right, to refuse entry to any competitor, at their discretion.

At no stage are entries transferable to other years.

In case of COVID or other Government advised cancelation of the event. We will refund 50% of the entry fee.

At any time prior to the 13 March each year competitors can:

o    Withdraw for any reason (and receive a 75% refund of entry fee).

o    Change categories (There  may be costs for going up a category).

o    Transfer an entry to another person (There is no cost for this but will require an email from the respective persons to include full details of both parties).


Entries close midnight 13 March each year .This means:

o    All entries are non- transferable to other athletes.

o    There are no refunds.

o    No late entries will be accepted for any reason.

The above conditions reflect the entry fees that have been committed to the event infrastructure and management by LMS Events.

LMS Events chooses to forfeit late entry revenue in the interests of organisational and competitor safety priorities.