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Scenic Gallery

 April 2015-next to the start line

Start / Finish Gallery

Classic startline finish line--waiting 312_1053 (800x533) GNC_5559 (800x531) muddy and happy--face DSC_0631 smith stage 15 FIN_0692-small Angela mote --happy at finish line sitting down at finish line--epic shirt

Tea & Scones Gallery

tea and scones (640x360) epic 045 (640x480) fantastic service to boot! chit chatting over tea tea and scones --sitting epic 042 (640x480)

Course Gallery

Bike_web182 (1024x685) Bike_web189 Bike_web252 (1024x685) Bike_web225 Bike_web246 Bike_web195 01 epic 041 (640x480) scotty LDN_5197 LDN_5367kath's plateGeoff and buddy 2015