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EVENT:  NZ’s mountain biking “Test Piece” for endurance athletes and people with a sense               of adventure.


LOCATION:  Lake Hawea, Wanaka, on the foot hills of the Southern Alps, New  Zealand.


Appropriately described as the longest and most scenic MTB race in NZ.
  • Choose one of the two circumnavigations of Lake Hawea near Wanaka at 125 /95 km and enjoy the 100% pure South Island High Country Station scenery and remoteness on a ride you will never forget.
  • Or as an introduction, head in the other direction and complete the 35km Traverse riding through private farm land, traversing the mighty Clutha and Hawea Rivers, and back to the Lake Hawea Hotel.  A great option for beginners and intermediate riders as an introduction to the Contact Epic Experience. (see course page for details).


Here are 7 good reasons why we put this event on….You only need one to do it!
  1. Because not all mountain bikers are created equal.
  2. Because it’s the longest and most scenic race in the country.
  3. Because you can only race it once a year.
  4. Because you don’t know how good you are until you have kicked its butt!
  5. Because the medal you get at the end, you have to earn…Big Time.
  6. Because it’s old school, No cotton wool, No shortcuts, No excuses.
  7. Because its about raising the bar for endurance racing in NZ.

Course Profile

EPIC 125km

The 125km “test piece” for endurance athletes or those with a sense of adventure. A full circumnavigation of Lake Hawea.

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2016 Race Entries

6 April 16

633 Hardy soles have said, “I’m up for this race.” 356 in the Epic, 204 in the Classic and 74 in the Traverse. Remember that no one has ever done MORE »