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The weather………….Mother Nature always wins!

Date: April 14th, 2021

But that is how it should be right? We just embrace her and bring her along for the ride……

As avid outdoor adventurers, I know you have been pouring over the weather maps of late, as have we, to work out what’s happening with the weather.  You will appreciate that it looks ok on Saturday at this stage. Unfortunately the important stuff is the 2 days before with Friday expecting a significant amount of rain in the head waters which will impact on crossing the Hunter River and some of the big side creeks on the Hunter side.

So that means we are currently looking at an 80% chance the course will be running up to Green Bush Hut on the Dingle side only and then back.We will hold out for as long as possible to try to get you around the full course but won’t compromise competitor safety in trying to achieve this.

We will advise you all at registration (or earlier if possible by email) what the final outcome is. This is just a heads up to help with your planning for both options.If the alternate course is used, we will try to get as close to the original distances for you but some may vary slightly.

We did the up and back in 2014 and everyone enjoyed the change and rode responsibly to ensure there were no head on collision on the track. I think we can do it again with everyone’s help.

Centurion 160km riders will start beside the dam as normal but at 5:00 am, ride the Traverse Course at night and then join in with the Epic riders. A light bin will be available to drop your lights if you don’t have anyone around to collect them for you.

Classic and Epic will start beside the Hawea Dam at 7am no light required.  Epic riders will be funnelled into the front group and start at 7am riding through Hawea Flat before looping back onto the Dingle Burn Road (approx 15km) and heading to or past Green Bush Hut, subject to weather conditions. 125km total.

Classic Riders will stack up at the back of the Epic Riders and will start 5 mins after the Epic. ebikes to the front of the Classic please. They will start 4 mins ahead of the Classic field.

All Classic riders will turn off down Cemetery Road and head straight to the Dingle Burn Road. You will head to Green Bush Hut which will be your turnaround point. 102km there and back….it make sense to turn there where there is an aid station, bike mechanic, shelter, first aid etc.

Traverse: Unchanged, 7:30 besdie the dam.


Hawea Hotel…food, drink, accommodation, finish line….


The Hawea Hotel is under new management and we hope you enjoy theri hospitality.  Parking is on the top paddock above the Hotel and then further up the road next to the Hawea Store.

The Hotel will be open from 5:00 am for coffee, breakfast, toilets etc.  If we do the fully course, the bus picks up riders from the front at 5;30am for the classic start if you have booked.

There is no pasta specific meal this year so you will have to choose from the menu.  It will pay to book in for a meal on Friday after registration and Saturday after prize giving as seating is limited. 03 443 1224 or https://haweahotel.nz/eat/


Registration is at 3:00 – 8:30pm Friday at the Lake Hawea Hotel

There is no registration on the morning of the race. You need to collect your race plate and check your details all match at Rego.

If you can’t make it, someone will have to pick up the plate for you and check your details. You will also need to read the pre race info provided that has all the last minute safety information and course changes etc. It will also be published on our news section of the website.

Merchandise will be available for collection and sale at registration and race day.


CLIF bars and BLOKS along with nuun hydration will be available at both Aid Stations.


Don’t forget the cash for the Dingle Burn tea and scones and the bike wash at the finish line!



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