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CENTURION 100 miles of Epic (160km) – The timid need not apply

Date: October 19th, 2016

This course is new for 2017, and is all three courses rolled into one. It involves competitors starting at 5:30am in the dark (front and rear light mandatory) and completing the Traverse course and then rolling on to do the Epic course. Due to the length of this challenge it is highly recommended  that competitors  can or have completed the Epic Course in under 7:00hrs. Cut offs for this will be 2:00hr to completed the Traverse Course (35km) to be off the course before the official Traverse riders start at 7:30am.

Riders will then continue up SH6 on the Epic course either in front of or behind the Epic starters depending on how long it takes to complete the Traverse course. The overall Contact Epic rule applies, that is, if you have not passed the Bluffs on the Dingle Burn Station before last light you will be withdrawn from the race.

The Epic course remains the flagstone event for prize money. Last Man Standing competitors may compete in the Centurion or Epic but if they fail to reach any of the cuts offs they will be withdrawn from the LMS competition accordingly.

However for the super-fit who want to be part of this inaugural race and join the new Centurion 100 mile club this is the race for you.

See below for Epic and Traverse course descriptions.

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